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The Kia Ora Project

How it all started Last year I was planning what have become my furthest & longest trip so far: A whole year in New Zealand, followed by Australia, Southeast Asia and India. From the get go I’ve decided I didn’t want to work my regular job. Don’t get me wrong -“I freaking love my job”- […]

Room 904 – Buenos Aires

First day in Buenos Aires The plane had just landed in Buenos Aires and apart the fact the flight was delayed for a couple hours everything was just fine. All I had to do was exchange some money, get a taxi and go to the hostel to meet my friend. That was it! That was […]

Backpacking through South America

Backpacking – A unique experience When talking about backpacking with my friends back home they always ask me where I’ve been and what I’ve seen and I’m always feel like I can’t properly answer those questions, mainly because none of that really matters to me when I think about who I’ve met along the way […]

Why I don’t take pictures

Every now and then I find myself explaining to people why I don’t take pictures and it has happened so often for the past years that I’ve even got a whole theory about it, but if you talked to me before you know I have a theory about pretty much everything. Yes, I’m full of […]