Backpacking through South America

Backpacking – A unique experience

When talking about backpacking with my friends back home they always ask me where I’ve been and what I’ve seen and I’m always feel like I can’t properly answer those questions, mainly because none of that really matters to me when I think about who I’ve met along the way and the experiences I shared with them.

All the people you meet leave a piece of themselves with you and they shape our memories more than the places themselves. They can make a bad place good, or a great place bad.

Though I’ve seen many amazing places in this trip, they are largely irrelevant to me, yes…you read it right, irrelevant! It’s the people I’ve met who have made this trip worthy.

My travel would be a totaly different experience if I hadn’t stayed in room 904 in Buenos Aires, or if I hadn’t stop in Mendoza on my way to Chile, or if I hadn’t gone to La Serena because Valparaiso was fully booked for new year’s eve, or if I actually got off in the right bus terminal, La Serena Terminal instead of Coquimbo Terminal.

What I’m trying to say is backpacking for me isn’t about the destination, but the journey, then the journey isn’t just about the road, but the people along that road. And this is what I’ll try to capture in the next few posts. The very essence of people I’ve met while backpacking through South America and how they’ve affected me.

I’m not, by no means, a writer nor a very good storyteller but still I’ll give it my best shot to put everything in context and to keep it in chronological order as much as possible.

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